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March into Spring!

Spring Is Coming!

I’ve already spotted a dozen robins, their orange breasts bringing welcome color to an all white backdrop. My family’s maple trees have been tapped and are ready for the first thaw, enough warmth to trigger the flow of nature’s sweet sap. March, robins, and maple syrup- to me those are the signals of spring, even though the official start is not quite here yet. All of us are eagerly awaiting our own start to spring. Whisking away the last winter greens, storing the plaid afghans and blankets for next fall’s arrival, and deciding a little spring cleaning is just what is needed, is a great start. But, now it’s time to welcome spring to our doors. I firmly believe in changing out the look of my doors for each season. This winter I hung a mirror with a swag of winter greens and a bow…a quick change to twigs, creamy blossoms, and a nest…and my mirror reflects the coming of spring!


How do you want to welcome guests at your door? A simple wreath of greens, or one filled with the colorful flowers of spring? Wreaths of many different looks are now appearing at the store. Choose one already crafted or have one created in your style and colors. We have many wreaths ready for you on display; and many are marching out the door already! Or, if you have an old wreath that just needs a little “tweeking” stop in and see us. We can add some fun new flowers or greenery to freshen it up; and help you create a great welcome for your guests.

A beautiful wreath is an instant wake up call to all, that spring is arriving at our doors!


Merry Christmas!

It seems as though we were just finishing the leftover turkey and here it is Christmas Eve!  The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems to shrink each year. These past several weeks have been filled with countless tasks…decorating the trees, shopping for family and friends, baking the traditional goodies, writing Christmas cards, getting those gifts wrapped and under the tree…I could continue but all of us understand the frenzy that goes into making Christmas in our homes.

Whatever your traditions for this holiday, take some time to enjoy your family and friends, and relax in the warmth of your home.

Wishing you peace, joy, and all this holiday has to offer.


A bit of Whimsy

Playful…..giggly…..lively….Do these adjectives describe me?  Noooo….but how I wish I could be more like them.  Just for a day – fun loving – quick with a laugh – whimsical.  There it is….whimsical…the words makes me smile.  🙂

So does Curly Girl!  Leigh, the artist, writer, and creator of this greeting card and gift company is a woman of many words.  Funny words, quirky words, poignant words….words of friendship….of sympathy….of laughter.  She understands feelings and expresses them in her own style of whimsy.  Napkins, cards, plates, and matted prints are just some of the items we offer in this line at L. J. Wagner home Interiors.  I just purchased cute cocktail napkins for a holiday company party we’re hosting this week in our home….”Don’t Get your Tinsel in a Tangle.”

I’m repeating those words throughout my week!  So much to do during the holiday season:  Decorating the home, Christmas Gifts, cooking, baking, Gathering with family and friends…..It’s ALOT of work!  But SO worth it all in the end!

Stop in to see how Curly Girl can add a little joy and whimsy to your holiday; PLUS  you can save 20% on Curly Girl during today’s 25 Gifts of Christmas!

Wishing you the Warmest and Most Joyful Holiday Season!