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Magnolia Home Furniture, by Joanna Gaines

If you are familiar with HGTV’s hit show Fixer Upper you have definitely heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines.  The Gaines’ have made television magic; working as house-hunting and remodeling counselors for families in search of the perfect home.  With Chips’ experience and management of the construction process, and Joanna’s fantastic eye for design and decor, they have helped many families in their search for a dream home.  Their passion has inspired millions and has catapulted Fixer Upper into becoming one of cable television’s most widely watched programs.  Fans have flocked to Magnolia Market, Joanna’s home-style store in Waco, Texas; falling in love with her unique personal design and fun decor ideas.

Building on the appeal of their show, and her own design style, Joanna has released a new line for the very first time: Mangolia Home Furniture, by Joanna Gaines.  Inspired by Jo’s unique style, and designed under the direction of Joanna herself, Magnolia Home Furniture is now available here at L. J. Wagner Home Interiors, in Nappanee!  Stop in anytime; we would love to show you her fun new designs!

With styles ranging from Primitive to French Inspired, Industrial to Traditional, Farmhouse to Boho (an eclectic style mix of Victorian Bistro and Mid-Century Modern) Magnolia Home Furniture, by Joanna Gaines, offers pieces for every room in your home.  Pair this with the many Magnolia-style accessories we carry, and our designers can help you achieve that unique look of which even Joanna herself would approve!

Farmhouse Dining
Shiplap Bed
Primitive Colonnade Metal Bed
Carpe Diem Chair

If you are interested in checking out more, click HERE for a Magnolia Home Furniture Gallery!


Hoosier Girl….finds a treasure!

HOOSIER GIRL….finds a treasure!

Ya know….sometimes a deal isn’t a deal.

My Lucky Day!

I was just thinking that a big fern would look great on my new porch, but it’s kinda late in the season.

I’ve got plenty of other things to worry about and spend my money on with the new house.

As I walked our Golden Retriever, Winnie, this morning I came upon a great deal.  Somebody had thrown away a HUGE fern in their trash can.  I didn’t want to carry it on the whole walk around the park, so I thought about how I was going to quickly retrieve it from the can, smack down the lid, and head for home before anyone saw my tackiness!

I saw a friend along the way and told her of my good fortune.  “Go for it!” she said; encouraging me that a little late season recycling was a good thing.

Armed with a new courage and a “lucky day” attitude, I headed for the treasure chest disguised as a trash can.  Open lid, retrieve fern, shut lid quickly, and head for home as if I always walk the dog while carrying a gigantic fern.  Yes! I did it!

Smiling at my luck, swinging my new fern, I took about 12 steps.  WAM!  Something got me.  I looked down at my leg on the fern side and saw a swarm of bees attacking me.  Dropping my fern, the swat dance commenced in full force!  Get ’em!  Get ’em!  Get ’em!

They are not as friendly as they look!

 Too late – they got me.  Wow, bee stings hurt right away, don’t they?  Limping and swatting all the way home, I was  crestfallen  at the turn of events.  No free fern, and now, in addition to the poison ivy I had picked up while weeding last week,  I now had  a good 4-6 bee stings around my thigh.

 Just let me tell you that you should NOT google what to do for a bee sting.  (that was Mr. W’s advice)  It says to rub it with a  Plantain leaf.  Where am I gonna get one of those?  This isn’t Jamaica!

 Two more bees flew out of my drawers and around the bedroom when I got home, the warm shower water made it really  hurt,  and the Benadryl made me drowsy.  Other than that it’s been a pretty good day.  But TGIF!

Lesson learned…..

Hoosier Girl

Hoosier Girl…..formulates a plan!

So many times people have asked me how to start a decorating project.  It’s hard to give a direct answer but my usual mode of attack is to select something that you love and want to use in that room.  It can literally be anything from a painting, to a pillow; from a chair to china …which is where I began.

These decorative plates bring back wonderful childhood memories!

These decorative plates bring back wonderful childhood memories!

I was lucky enough to inherit my maternal grandmother’s Friendly Village china set.  I remember eating off of these beautiful plates in her home outside of Toledo, Ohio during family gatherings when I was a little girl. They were so dramatic compared to the everyday plates we used at home.  So now that they’re mine, I want them to be the centerpiece of our home.

Even before Mr. W. and I closed on our new home in Indiana, I started gathering fabrics for upholstery that will be in the living room.  And even though these dishes won’t be used in the living room, the dining room is open to it and I want it all to blend seamlessly.

The colors of this fabric match-up so perfectly with grandma"s plate!

The colors of this fabric match-up so perfectly with grandma”s plate!

  First, I found this beautiful muted floral linen fabric that echoed all the colors in the dishes….earthy charcoal and taupe, muted sage, quiet aqua, and even a touch of petal pink.  How lucky!  I had my starting point for the room.  The next fabric selections were not necessarily as easy.

  What did I want the sofa to be?  Since it is such a big anchoring piece in the room, I needed to take my time,   think it through, and really try to visualize what it would look like.  I had my heart set on a tufted back style   in a burlap type fabric; but in the end, I decided that I needed more depth of color and chose a charcoal leather with dark brass nail-head trim. The brass will contrast the leather just enough; and give the sofa a vintage feel.  Now I was free to use the burlap on the cocktail ottoman.  We purchased our first cocktail ottoman years ago; and  have never had a regular coffee table since.  When it comes time to relax, I love the luxury of putting my feet up at the end of the day.  Add a pretty tray to make it useful for magazines, remotes, and a cup of tea.

A soft sage plaid for a comfy arm chair keeps the room from being too “sweet.”  But to make it special, I added a new treatment of contrast taping and spaced nail-head to the bottom of the chair.  Wooly fringe around the back pillow set it off from the rest.  These accents, while sometimes adding to the price of the piece, can make it your own.  No one else will have it.  To me it says that I took the time to think about the details, the “jewelry” of the room.  When working with an interior designer or furniture salesperson, ask them about little details that can take a piece from great to knock your socks off!”

The Living Room flooring, fabrics, paint is coming together!

With the furniture pieces selected, I went on to paint, carpet, and wallpaper….   

For the carpet, I chose a pattern, of course!  Why go solid when there are so many beautiful patterns available?  Although not right for every room or style, for me it was a no-brainer.  Soft gold in an arabesque pattern was the perfect choice.

Because there are so many paint color options, I tend to save it for the end.  Paint colors are endless, fabric choices are not.  I went with a soft dusty spruce blue/green.  With white trim, it will be a fresh and quiet backdrop to my furniture selections.

I LOVE WALLPAPER!  I know it’s not as much in fashion as it was 20 years ago, but I can’t live without it.  It can add so much to a home if strategically used.  Proper placement is key! So I ordered a blue/grey/ oyster damask print.  The paper looks like old ripped fabric; and will go on the foyer wall and all the way into the open dining area.


It’s coming together and I’m so excited!  Once the furniture is here and in place I’ll send you some pics….  But for now I’m having the painting and wallpapering completed; and the carpet just went in this week.

I can’t wait for you to see it!

Talk to ya soon,

Hoosier Girl