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Hoosier Girl….takes the plunge!

HOOSIER GIRL . . . takes the plunge!

To paint, or not to paint?  That is the question many of us face when it comes to “out of style;” or even ugly brick in the house.

Love the cute shape of this fireplace.  Tapering to the top gives it a fun personality!

Love the cute shape of this fireplace. Tapering to the top gives it a fun personality!

  Our new home has the cutest brick fireplace.  The shape is cute, the color is not.  I spent some time   thinking about decorative ways to spruce it up.  So after a few days deliberation, I decided that we were going to have to paint it.

Let the painting begin!

Let the painting begin!

  Would I be happy with my decision?  There’s no going back.  That’s a permanent choice!  I told the painter to go ahead; and I left the house for a few hours before I lost my nerve.  

  When I came back, she had a good portion of the top of the fireplace primed.  Enough that I could see the beauty coming out and too much to reverse my choice.  I was sure I would love it when all done.


It took a whole day just to cover it with primer (Zinsser 1-2-3 worked great!).  

There's no turning back now!

There’s no turning back now!

"Operation: Fireplace Painting" complete!

“Operation: Fireplace Painting” complete!

And then, another whole day to finish the top coat (latex semi gloss).  But, wow, it’s absolutely beautiful!!  I chose to paint it with the same clean white that covers all the trim.  It keeps it simple, clean, and classic.

Deciding to paint something like brick can be a daunting decision; but when done right, can be a wonderful change.  So if you’ve ever thought about it, I say, go for it!  I think you’ll love it!

CAUTION: I will say that most men will not sanction this decorating choice, so you may want to wait til they’re on the fishing trip of a lifetime with their buddies to hatch this plan.  😉

Stay tuned….

Hoosier Girl